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    What is the production process of disposable film inspection gloves

    The film inspection gloves are made of high-quality raw materials, matched with other additives, and refined and processed by a special powder-free process. The products are non-toxic and harmless; they have good tensile strength, good adhesion, and flexible use.

    Inspection procedures: 1. Process inspection; 2. Physical property inspection; 3. Opening inspection; 4. Packaging inspection; 5. Storage inspection; 6. Sampling inspection of defective products; 7. Outgoing inspection

    The quality control of each step is accurate to ensure the product quality.

    The standardization and subdivision of 14 processing processes of film inspection gloves ensure the consistency of product quality. Each link is filled with the diligence, wisdom and sweat of each of our employees. The high-quality processing flow brings good use quality to users.