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    Development status and prospects of PVC gloves

    In 2004, the price of crude oil rose sharply, which caused the price of raw materials for the production of PVC gloves to rise, and the profit margins of PVC glove manufacturers were compressed.

    In 2005, glove manufacturers greatly increased the sales price of gloves. However, due to the improvement in supply and demand, the price of paste resin required for the production of PVC gloves has dropped to a certain extent. This makes glove companies have a good profit margin, and PVC glove manufacturers generally Extension

    In the first half of 2006, nearly 100 new production lines were added in the industry, which was the fastest expansion period in history.


    In 2020, due to public health incidents, the demand for PVC gloves has exploded, but there are only 1,200 production lines in the country, which is not enough for production. Perhaps this is an opportunity to complete the expansion of a larger number of production lines.

    The development prospects are based on the following reasons. It can be foreseen that the market demand of the PVC glove industry will continue to grow, and the development prospects are broad:

    (1) The application field continues to expand. At present, the consumer demand for PVC gloves is growing steadily, and the application field continues to expand. Take the United States as an example. In the fruit picking industry, workers used to wear PVC gloves for labor protection due to a large number of picking that caused their skin to ulcerate; in the food processing and fast food fields, companies represented by McDonald's provided PVC gloves for their employees;

    In the field of medical examination and medical care, PVC gloves have been greatly promoted for their good germ isolation effect and comfortable wearing characteristics.

    With the increase of people's awareness of health care, the promotion of PVC gloves among medical workers will further accelerate: in electronic processing, customs inspection, laboratories, food and fast food and other fields, the use of PVC gloves has shown a steady growth trend.

    (2) Technological innovation stimulates new market demand. The application of glove modification technology can successfully make up for the lack of performance of PVC gloves and lay the foundation for their expansion in special fields.

    With the steady development of economy and the continuous progress of science and technology, new materials emerge in an endless stream, which puts forward new requirements for the use of gloves.

    If the processing conditions of new materials are more demanding, the requirements for the quality of labor protection products are constantly improving; the demand for dust-free, anti-static new PVC gloves has been formed and gradually expanded. All these provide unlimited business opportunities for the development of PVC gloves in new areas.

    (3) The rise of emerging markets PVC glove products are highly recognized by consumers in developed countries in the world due to their good protective properties and excellent cost performance, but they have not yet formed a market of a certain scale in developing countries.

    With the continuous economic progress of developing countries, it can be foreseen that PVC gloves will gradually be promoted and applied. China is the world's largest developing country and the world's PVC glove manufacturing industry base. With the continuous updating of the people's consumption concepts and consumption habits, the application of disposable PVC gloves in China is bound to become inevitable.

    The potential consumer demand of China, a populous country, has been exploited, and the newly added market capacity will be quite astonishing.