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    The use, applicable people and precautions of medical rubber examinat...

    Kemei Medical tells you the use, applicable people and precautions of medical rubber examination gloves. In the process of surgery or other treatments in the hospital, we often use some protective medical equipment, including the use of medical rubber exa

    UpdateTime: 2021.07.10

    What is the production process of disposable film inspection gloves

    The film inspection gloves are made of high-quality raw materials, matched with other additives, and refined and processed by a special powder-free process. The products are non-toxic and harmless; they have good tensile strength, good adhesion, and flexi

    UpdateTime: 2021.06.22

    Corporate videos

    Corporate videos

    UpdateTime: 2021.05.10

    The relationship between the profit of the medical device industry an...

    At present, my country's economy is in a period of rapid development. The competition among various industries is very fierce, and the competition among various enterprises is also extremely fierce. Every enterprise has competed with other enterprises for

    UpdateTime: 2021.03.03

    What is the aerosol filtration efficiency of 29 kinds of medical surgi...

    Investigation results: In this quality improvement study on 29 types of medical surgical masks, the expired N95 masks with intact elastic bands have been sterilized with ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide, and their fixed filtration efficiency (FFE) rem

    UpdateTime: 2020.10.16

    How much protection does medical surgical masks provide to prevent ...

    Can masks help slow the spread of the new coronavirus? Yes, masks combined with other preventive measures (such as frequent hand washing and staying away from crowds) can help slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

    UpdateTime: 2020.10.12

    The new version of the Medical Device Regulations (MDR) will be enforced in 2020

    The new version of the Medical Device Regulations (MDR) will be...

    The new version of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and the In Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulation (IVDR) were unanimously voted on by the 28 EU member states on March 7, 2017 to ensure that all medical devices (MD) are used in in vitro diagnostic devic

    UpdateTime: 2020.10.10

    Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates National Day, Jiangxi Kemei send...

    The autumn is high and the weather is cool, the wind is light, the clouds are light and the heart is open; the country is long and beautiful, like a gallery; the home and the country are prosperous, the flowers are flying; the happiness is not forgotten,

    UpdateTime: 2020.10.01

    Xi Jinping advocates green development methods and lifestyles

    On the evening of September 22, President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the United Nations General Debate. The people of the world share weal and woe, and no country can go back to the era of isolation in the past. The people of the world must unite an

    UpdateTime: 2020.09.22

    Development status and prospects of PVC gloves

    In 2004, the price of crude oil rose sharply, which caused the price of raw materials for the production of PVC gloves to rise, and the profit margins of PVC glove manufacturers were compressed.

    UpdateTime: 2020.09.21