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    Covers An Area


    Production Line


    Annual Production


    Registered Capital

    Medical protective products

    Medical protective products

    Medical sterilization, efficient filtration, safe and secure use

    Surgical consumables

    Surgical consumables

    Multiple specifications and categories of large quantities of standard production

    Other Series

    Other Series

    Famous brand genuine guarantee, quality control strictly

    Jiangxi Kemei Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 97 million yuan and covers an area of more than 180 acres. It has 1 large standardized office building, 8 production workshops, 2 100,000-level purification workshops, and 3 staff dormitories. Among them, the 100,000-level purification workshop has a construction area of 3,900 square meters and a total construction area of 36,500 square meters. The company consists of Guangzhou Kemei Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Kemei Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment and strong technical force...
    Company Profile

    Service Network

    Jiangxi Kemei Medical Apparatus & Instruments Group Co., Ltd. has developed a comprehensive set of systemcombining research, design, development and production. Adhering to the spirit of “people-oriented, quality first, the supremacy of credibility, aggressiveness, sincere service”, we will try our best to satisfy your needs.


    Our products are exported to more than 126 cities worldwide


    At present, it has set up a total of 4 branches in many provinces across the country


    It has more than 1569 customers worldwide


    Product sales have been rising year after year, and customers have received excellent reputation

    Company News

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    The new version of the Medical Device Regulations (MD...

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    Industry News
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